Traveling without destination in Chile.

Traveling without destination in Chile. Flag of Chile.


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Traveling without destination

In the Barrio de Ñuñoa in Santiago de Chile.
In the Barrio de Ñuñoa in Santiago de Chile

Legally we have never been in Chile; still, we have been in Chile. No, it was not illegal. In two trips to some cities in South America, once to Montevideo and then to Cordoba, we were not been able to get direct flights from Miami. So we had to change planes somewhere along the way. The stop over in those two flights was in the Santiago de Chile airport. Since Montevideo is in Uruguay and Cordoba in Argentina, at this airport we moved within the international area, as "passengers in transit", without having to go thru immigration or customs. We were there but never "entered" Chile.

Puerto de San Antonio, Chile.
Puerto de San Antonio, Chile

On the trip back from Montevideo we had about twelve hours between flights. The idea was to use those hours to get familiar with Santiago de Chile; check in the country, take a taxi for some of those hours and see as much as we could. But one of us was not filling to well and we decided to stay in the international terminal. The bother had already turned into pain and those twelve hours seem like an eternity. The terminal apparently was just starting to be used and still much was under construction. Not all the facilities were working to their full capacity and just a few stores were open. We spend very long hours sitting on those chairs trying to forget that still the long flight to Miami was ahead. Thanks to the friendliness of the employees at the open cafe and at the two or three stores we were able to go through that one.

Valle del Elqui. North of Chile, in the interior of Serena.
Valle del Elqui

When we went to Cordoba years latter the stop over was at the Santiago de Chile airport. Second time we have gone by. It was very nostalgic when we got out of the plane and went into the waiting area. The terminal was finished, all the stores were open, many more chairs, everything in order and operational, and well, just like we imagined it would someday be as we went thru those long painful hours years ago. Now we felt well and strong and there are few places more pleasing than that waiting area in winter knowing that your next plane will take off with day break. Just remembering it we get all excited. On this trip, going and coming back, the waiting was of a couple of hours and we opted for behaving. Next time, at least to see the rest of the airport, we are going in to make it legally.

Valparaiso Bay
Valparaiso Bay

Which does not means that we do not know Chile. With these pictures, provided by our friend Maria Eugenia del Corto, we start presenting this attractive land of the south. And we know from conversations with other good friends, that this is just the beginning.

In Chile
In Chile

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Traveling without destination


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