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Traveling without destination in London. Flag of England.


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Traveling without destination

City of London. Picture 2006.
“City of London”
Dragon and shield bearing the Cross of St. George

London, the City of St. George, was where we went on our vacation trip of 2006. The last two weeks of October was the duration of this unforgettable trip.

England, and especially London, is a very popular tourist destination. Winter could be a little cold to enjoy for it will take much walking on the sidewalks and parks in getting to see it all. Spring and Summer gets way overcrowded, and the hotels and air fare are more expensive too. So Fall is the best time according to the employees at the hotel we staid. Still, it does not mean that there are no tourists in Fall. The hotel was booked and everywhere we went there were other tourist, no matter what time it was. Surprised us the amount of people from Spain we met spending their vacation there.

Tower Bridge at night, over the Thames in London. Picture 2006.
Tower Bridge at night
over the Thames in London

We have been told that London is the New York of Europe. After seen both cities, in some respects such statement could be considered correct, but in others it looks to us that New York is the London of the Americas. Either way, we saw much in common between the two cities.

Like New York, London is big with an immense variety of interesting places and activities for the locals as well as for the visitors. We did not even get to enjoy half of the things we put in the quick list we made, and we are sure that list is not even half of what it should be. Well, the good thing about it is that already in the returning flight we were making plans for returning.

Big Ben in London. Picture 2006.
Big Ben tower at night

Cultural events are many and of very high standards. There are many theaters presenting the Broadway shows or similar. The museums are many and their presentations are superb. We did visit the British Museum and we strongly recommend it. The exhibits of Egypt and the one of Mesopotamia are simply incredible. We also went to other museums which were also very interesting. In reality, for those interested in history all it takes is to walk the streets of London and keep the eyes open. Of course, there are some places that will blow anyone's mind, like The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul Cathedral, etc.

Canal in London. Picture 2006.
Canal in London

The Thames is also a mayor attraction in itself. The bridges, the banks, the boats rides, the night life are just part of it. Day and night there are people from Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square, continuing the crowd at Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. Shopping is also another great experience although have to be careful not to exceed the customs limits (on the way back at the airport).

Must of the moving about the city we did using the underground, or tube. A few times we were out there past midnight, which is the time of the last underground train, we took taxis to the hotel, although we could have used the buses. During the working ours of the underground, we never had a need for any other type of transportation, except of course, walking.

In Trafalgar Square, London. Picture 2006.
In Trafalgar Square, London

In the other pages in this section of London we try to present those things that called our attention. This is not meant to be a guide of London, but rather very limited personal notes to show our friends (which everyone is welcome to see) and for ourselves in case we are able to visit again. The names of the places and streets, how to get there, what to do, and things like that.

In Leicester Square, London. Picture 2006.
In Leicester Square

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Traveling without destination


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