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Traveling without destination

Queen Victoria Monument in front of Buckingham Palace, London, England. Picture 2006.
Queen Victoria Monument in front of Buckingham Palace, London

As usual, not until we buy the airplane tickets or make the hotel reservations do we know where is it that we are going. This trip was well planned out. For over two years we researched and look for details, except for that the destination was Scotland staying at Edinburgh. We still do not know what happened; we do not even try finding out anymore. The bottom line, we ended up in England staying in London. Well, this one was not so far off. Edinburgh and Scotland remain in our list of places that someday we will like to visit.

Windsor, England. Picture during the Changing of the Guard. 2006.
In Windsor, England

Two weeks in London was a very fulfilling experience. We had the advantage to have been in New York, which has much in common with London; going all the way from the diversity of cultures to the subway or underground. Still, London was overwhelming even though we did not went looking for specific articles like antiques, clothing, books or any other collectibles. We went to a few pubs, theater shows, visited the British Museum, had tea and one of us even had a hair cut, but then again, all we did was very superficial not going in depth into anything. It was what we found on our way to nowhere rather than looking for anything in particular; and still, we saw and did quite a bit.

Templecombe, England. 2006.
In Templecombe, England

The Underground network works with the train system and local buses to extend the public mass transportation everywhere in England, Scotland and Wales in a timely and efficient manner. So we did make use of these facilities to visit some locations outside Greater London.

What caught us by surprise was that on each of these trips we found much more than what we went looking for. Cities and towns with buildings that measure their endurance in centuries. Churches of regal elegance appropriate for kings and queens that ruled the world who prayed there. Streets arches and bridges designed for crossing on foot because back them there where few who could have a horse and nobody had a car or a bicycle because they were not invented yet. Yes, entire towns and cities that preceded not just the Internet and electric light but even running water and gas heating indoors.

Stonehenge, England. 2006.
In Stonehenge, England

From the moment we arrived until we boarded the plane to return, we felt welcome and at home. Everyone we met was courteous, respectful and very willing to provide directions. Our thanks to everyone who help make this trip to England so enjoyable and especially to St. George, whose presence not just in the dragons and flags was felt all throughout our stay in England.

Salisbury, England. 2006.
In Salisbury, England

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Traveling without destination


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