Curiosities. Picture 2006.

Curiosities. Flag of England.


 Buckingham Palace
 St. Paul Cathedral
 Westminster Abbey
 The Tower of London
 Tower Bridge
 London Bridge
 London Underground
   Underground Stations
   Underground Murals
 Victoria Station
 Waterloo Station
 Piccadilly Circus
 Covent Garden
 Leicester Square
 Trafalgar Square
 The Green Park
 St. James Park
 Victoria Embankment
 Bank Junction
 Charing Cross Road
 Coventry Street
 Oxford Street
 Regent Street
 Food in London
 Pubs in London
 Buses in London
 Cars in London
 Bicycles in London
 Buildings in London
 Flowers in London
 Columns in London
 Lions in London
 Big Ben
 Clocks in London
 Heathrow Airport
 Thames at London





 Windsor Castle
 City of Windsor
 Train to Windsor
 Thames at Windsor

The Americas
  Buenos Aires

  La Paz




 Dominican Republic
  Puerto Plata

  Guatemala City

  Mexico, D.F.



  Washington D.C.









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Traveling without destination

Curiosities. Picture 2006.
The telephone cabins are curiosities by themselves,
just pointing out that not all of them are red.

One of the curiosities of London. Picture 2006.
Statue of a man talking on a phone,
one of the curiosities of London

Police women on horses. Picture 2006.
Police women on horses

Curiosities. Picture 2006.
Another of the curiosities in London,
a police box.

Curiosities. Picture 2006.
Tea is not a curiosity in London, but these tea pots
were so pretty we just had to put this picture here.

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Traveling without destination


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