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Young entrepreneur near Cusco, Peru. For a coin he would let his picture be taken next to this spring.
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Traveling without destination

Cusco Cathedral, in the Andes region of Peru.
Cusco Cathedral, in the Andes region of Peru

Without a specific itinerary in mind we asked our travel agent to book us for a week in mystic Peru. She warned us no to push ourselves, to take a few days of relaxation, but we asked to fill the entire vacation with events. Please keep in mind that we are not professional travelers and these are the experiences of ordinary people having fun.

The Hummingbird in the Nazca Lines, in the Pacific Coast of Peru.
The Hummingbird in the Nazca Lines
in the Pacific Coast of Peru

The possibilities that Peru presents to the adventurous tourist, and the not so adventurous like ourselves, are beyond the imagination. While there, you will find a vast quantity of history, culture, and nature in addition to all the other amenities proper for a tourist. One could say that it is not possible to experience it all in two weeks. Our itinerary was well set by our agent but so many other attractive options came up by themselves, that next time we may need the two weeks we spend just for the follow ups.

The city of Machu Picchu. One of the many old ruins in Peru.
The city of Machu Picchu
One of the many old ruins in Peru

As we arrived at all our destinations, the airport, the hotels, and everywhere we went, somebody was always waiting for us. We did not have any problems with our reservations or complex itinerary. Instead everything went along with clockwork precision. The guides we met were well-informed, very willing to help, and went the distance to make sure we were comfortable. One could tell they simply wanted to please us, they never showed signs of expecting a tip, whether they expected it or not though, we made sure their services were well compensated. Although there were no deviations from our original plans, we accomplished much more than what was planned for. The hotels we stayed in, four in total, also must be complemented as well as their restaurants.

Presidential Palace in Lima, capital of Peru. Foto 2000.
Presidential Palace in Lima, capital of Peru

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Ruins near Cusco, Peru. Photo 2000.
Ruins near Cusco, Peru

Traveling without destination


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