Thames at Windsor and Eton. Picture 2006.

Thames at Windsor and Eton. Flag of England.


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Thames at Windsor and Eton
Traveling without destination

Thames from Windsor. Picture 2006.
Thames from Windsor

Fulfilled our interest for the extraordinary we left Windsor Castle and strolled down the street. Our minds still had not regained full awareness when we felt a pull, something like a magnetic attraction. Well, it is not the first time it has happened to us, so, we just went in the direction of the pull. After a rather short walk, about two or three blocks from the train station, we found ourselves on the Thames riverside.

Swans and ducks on the Thames. Picture 2006.
Swans and ducks on the Thames

It is so beautiful there. The swans were swimming with the elegance of angels and the ducks paddling around them as little mischievous cherubims. The trees grow and then their branches arch; their leaves caress the water. The children feeding the waterfowl as the tour boats prepare to depart or dock. It is not just harmonious, it is complete; a closed circle.

On the Thames bank. Picture 2006.
On the Thames bank

We took all the pictures we could. Still none comes close to showing the moments at the river bank. One of those peaceful places were the observer does not want to move as not to disturb the calm. By doing so, unconsciously becomes part of it. Apparently the pull of the Thames is strong and other strangers arrive. Their commotion breaks the spell and we are back on our journey thru England.

Windsor Bridge on the Thames. Picture 2006.
Windsor Bridge on the Thames

Joining Windsor and Eton over the Thames is the Windsor Bridge. Much history seems to go together with this bridge, as a plaque indicates. We did cross it, but before reaching the other side, we took at a brief look at the Thames. No dough it is the same river further down stream in London; but where as in London it shows its might, in this section of Windsor and Eton it shows its charm.

Plaque on the Windsor Bridge over the Thames. Picture 2006.
Plaque on the Windsor Bridge over the Thames

For those that can afford more time than we had in our visit, there are further places along the banks of the Thames with unforgettable views of the river and in some cases the Windsor Castle too. Tourist boats rides are also available. As so many other places in England, literally history waits in every turn of a corner; well, in the case of the Thames, at every bridge, island, lock and bend of the river and in this area of Windsor and Eton there are very many of them.

The Thames from the Windsor Bridge. Picture 2006.
The Thames from the Windsor Bridge

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Traveling without destination


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