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Downtown Guatemala City
Guatemala City
Traveling without destination

Guatemala City is divided into zones. Each zone is numbered. Downtown Guatemala City is in Zone 1.

Old Presidential Palace in downtown Guatemala City. Picture from the Cathedral.
Old Presidential Palace in downtown Guatemala City

Downtown Guatemala City is made up of a large plaza, about two city blocks, and the buildings surrounding it. One of these buildings is the old Presidential Palace. This building was built in the mid 1900's and it is painted green. For a small fee we were allowed to visit. Inside the halls, murals and patios are nice. It is not luxurious, but of rather good taste. The halls are straight forward but the stairs are not, have to be careful not to get lost inside.

The Cathedral, which in many Spanish countries determines where is the center, or downtown, of the city.
The Cathedral in downtown Guatemala City

The Cathedral is at another side of the plaza. We also went in and saw some moving acts of faith. The temple is big. Is our understanding that its construction started in 1782 and was finished during the mid 1800's. A different temple was used as cathedral from 1773, when the capital was moved to this location, until the actual cathedral was consecrated.

A street in downtown Guatemala City. Some of the other streets in this area had more traffic.
A street in downtown Guatemala City

We did not go into any other building in this section of town. From the car we saw many may small street businesses and many people walking.

Picture of a guard in the old Presidential Palace.
Guard of the old Presidential Palace

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Guatemala City
Traveling without destination


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